The Hidden Forbidden Door_600The Hidden Forbidden Door is now available on Amazon for only .99 cents!  For those of you who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited it is now available for you to check out along with thousands of other great books.  Check it out on Amazon.

Daria’s sexy adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina continues before she  flies home.  She spends much of the day in bed with Alicia, Dominique and Angela exploring fantasies.  But the real surprise lies in what Dominique plans when they meet in the airport.  She takes Daria to a hidden sleeping compartment on the large jet so they can share some time alone and the sexy level goes even higher.

Dominique, Angela and Alicia invite Daria into their close-knit world, a world where discretion and exploring their sexuality is key.  Daria is a willing participant.  Alicia has the dark hair and good looks while Dominique’s red hair stands out when she lets it down.

Alex and Alicia, Mayra’s bosses, have a brand new night club on the 48th floor of a high rise in Argentina and hired Tommy to DJ.  Daria goes along for fun.  Alex and Alicia both have their eyes on Daria and keep Mayra busy all evening so they can take Daria home.   The ocean provides a beautiful backdrop for this sexy story as Alicia has her chance with Daria.

Excerpt from The Hidden Forbidden Door:

I shivered at the feeling and closed my eyes, feeling Angela’s lips and Dominique’s lips on different parts of my body and creating an incredible sensation.  Dominique continued the soft lingering kisses and I pulled her to me.  Our bodies were warm together and she felt good.  When I pulled away she pulled us closer together and the kiss continued.  My head was swimming with joy at the way I felt right then.

“You are the horniest women in the world,” said Alicia from the other side of the bed.  Her hair was a mess and she took a long drink from a bottle of water.  But her face was one huge smile.

Dominique pulled away from me and we all looked toward Alicia.  “You’re next!” said Angela.

The two girls moved over to where Alicia was lying in bed and they cuddled, and then reached out to me to join them.  My eyes met Dominique’s and I saw the lust there.  I hoped that she and I would have the chance to make love together but she had something to finish with Alicia.

This story involves adult situations and adult sexual activities including lesbian sex, girl on girl action, oral sex, a DJ, and several hot days in Buenos Aires, Argentina and on the airplane home.


Counting Waves, available at all major retailers soon.

Counting Waves by Daria Sparks (A Karly King story) at Amazon.

Karly was living a good like until her dad crashed the family jet with his mistress and girlfriend on board.  She missed him daily.  Money is tight and she has to work to keep the family house.  Her mother rarely leaves the house while Karly flies around the world, trying to keep things together.  It’s worse than it seems but not horrible.  It’s just another beautiful day in Hermosa.

Excerpt from Counting Waves:

“Deacon’s dead,” said Karly as she set her surfboard in the grass beside him.

“How do you know, dear?” asked her mother.

She too was used to the local guys washing up on her doorstep all the time.  Much as she found it annoying she was also glad they still came by to eat.  It gave her a chance to try out new recipes.  Most days they were her human contact so if all it took was making food she would continue to do so.  It had forced her to expand her own recipes which in turn helped her make online sales.

“His body moves but his head doesn’t,” replied Karly.  “Call the cops while I paddle out for a couple of waves.”

She had planned to ride her bike and surf the pier but decided just to paddle out in front of the house to save time.  She had an eleven o’clock flight to Miami then on to Santiago, Chile to get some papers signed.  She knew the cops would want to talk to her about Deacon and now was the time to go out and count some waves.

Her dad had once told her that any day was good as long as he could count the waves.  When he flew in or out of town he would always find his way down to the beach to see how his ocean was doing.  He’d count a few waves then move onward when he was in a hurry.  On days when he wasn’t in a hurry he could spend an hour or two there on his front deck in his Adirondack chair counting waves.

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Porn Hunt 2013: Gossip Boys “Researching” Porn Real Hard

If you enjoy erotica and protecting your right to decide what you buy and read, please read and like this post from Selena Kitt. Selena is a massively successful author and entrepreneur and has written a very informative piece.

Porn Hunt 2013: Gossip Boys “Researching” Porn Real Hard

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Daria Sparks’ first story being published!

The first story from Daria Sparks, A Canadian Virgin, is being published right now.  We will alert you as soon as it is available at all major ebook retailers.

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Amulet by @swolf

Free smut from @swolf.  sorry about the long link:

Amulet, Free smut from @swolf  

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